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Director’s Message

The “perfect storm” isn’t a concept favored by aviation or maritime professionals, two professions we hold close in South Jersey.  Yet as metaphor useful content, it serves well for what’s happening here today.

Over the past five years, as Cape May County was building a nationally recognized UAS Program, its neighbor to the north, Atlantic County, was rediscovering and establishing fabulous general aviation resources.  Not the least of these: the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY).  Atlantic County also began developing an MRO facility, and both Atlantic and Cape May Counties broke ground on major workplaces for technology companies.

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In our aviation-related events, we’re privileged to have the participation of important entities like our neighbor the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center, the United States Coast Guard, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security, and many more.  We have strong support from state and federal Economic Development Authorities and legislative and congressional delegations.

Perhaps most important, we are being discovered by innovators. It’s a thrill to serve at a time like this, with the stars aligning.

We’ll be exploring things like enhanced data analysis, intelligent design, and strategically balanced airport infrastructure, even as we partner with companies from around the country who use South Jersey airspace for R&D.  It’s all about innovation, connectivity, collaboration and the latest in the aviation industry.

The perfect storm …. an alignment of stars …. Watch for us.  Even better, join us!

Carole Mattessich, Director
Smart Airport and Aviation Partnership

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