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Building an aviation ecosystem in Southern New Jersey,
one fabulous innovation at a time.


The Smart Airport and Aviation Partnership (SAAP) centered in Southern New Jersey, was established through a Regional Innovation Strategies Grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to the Atlantic County Economic Alliance (ACEA).



Work with aviation professionals, industry teammates, and funders to reach your venture's full potential.

Founder Coaching &

Hone your skills & build a winning business strategy with aviation executives.

Joint Emergency Management Exercises

SAAP supports annual test flights to forward the use of UAS by First Responders following natural disasters.

Interact with
Aviation Leaders

Meet with leaders from the nationally renowned FAA William J.Hughes Technical Center.

Core Team & Partners



  • How do I become a member?
    Please contact us at:
  • How do I apply to flightPlan?
    Apply online at through December 15th.
  • What are the program’s structural aspects?
    Eight companies are invited into the cohort. Core program runs January - April. Virtual 90-minute Group Sessions are held weekly during the core program. Each typically includes a subject matter expert addressing the day’s topic, followed by Q and A. Each cohort company also attends a private weekly Session mentored by our Accelerator Leadership Team.
  • Any other core activities?
    Along with providing Group Sessions and individual monitoring, we help each company engage in a non-trivial special project of its choice. Past examples: Live tech demo at the National Aerospace Research and Technology Park; Port security flight exercise at major NJ port.
  • What does the successful applicant look like?
    We like companies that are looking to grow their markets and advance commercialization of their aviation-related technologies. In assessing candidates, we’ll consider: company mission(s); experience of founding team/advisors; scalability and sustainability; potential for early traction/revenue; and market conditions/timing. But we also seek companies in alignment with flightPlan’s missions, spirit and ethos. We want companies committed to best practices in aviation, looking to establish relationships with subject matter experts and collaborate with like-minded innovators throughout their lifespans.
  • What differentiates flightPlan from other Accelerators?
    It’s devoted to aviation-related companies. We’re grateful for active participation by the FAA and nationally recognized SMEs in our Group Sessions and mentorship efforts. We’re funded by grants and don’t take equity or fees. Your “cost” is the time your team invests in participating. After graduation, you have continuing access to individual mentorship and support, as well as educational and networking events within the Southern New Jersey Aviation Hub.
  • Do you accept companies from outside the U.S.? How about direct competitors?
    Several of our successful cohort companies have roots outside the U.S. However, your company must be eligible to do business within the U.S. to apply. We don’t invite direct competitors into the same cohort, though we may accept competitors across cohorts. We honor all requests to keep information confidential. Still have questions? Contact us at:
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